Message Service Pricing

Message service pricing This can change between live and virtual services, as well as volume and needs. a rough guide is shown

Message Service Pricing

Pricing Virtual services

From as low as $34.95 a month.

Pricing is an element of demand. The more messages you have, the greater the price. However, the cost per message reduces as the quantity rises.

Starting at about $1.00 per message and going down to $0.45 per message when you get up to 200 per month.

All services include time-of-day messaging, which means you can have a different message during work hours to after hours.

You can have more than one email recipient for your package.

Calls may be forwarded to a mobile phone during selected hours. Call costs are around $0.60 per minute.

Since every service is different, we would like to price yours depending on the need.

That is one reason we often provide a two-week trial so that we can make changes and have an idea of the volume.

Virtual Office Services

This is where you require specific options.

Press 1 for sales; press 1 for Colin
2 for Mary
press 2 for accounts; Forward to an outside number

Press 3 for service. email goes to the on-call tech and the service manager

Live Answering

Message Service Pricing

Of course, pricing will be higher than above, and it is all based on how much we need to do.

I generally start at about $2.00 a message as a guide.

Hybrid Services

Because we control every aspect of the service, we can offer results based on need.

You may have a virtual service after hours and live during the workday or any combination that you want

Verified support

There are various models of this, but basically, we keep working until someone responds to a call.

Telephone services

A range of virtual telephone services are available. This is technology at its best because all you need is a few handsets and the cloud does the rest.
Pricing varies but it is a very economical way of providing first-class services

Broadcast services

This can start at just a few individuals or go up to a whole town. An example may be a fire or flood alert.

A common use is for factories or high-risk residences, also used in hospitals and factories.

1300 and 1800 numbers are available

Starting from a low $20 a month. There are some call costs associated with these numbers.

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Capital city numbers We have numbers available in all cities 02-03-07-08 prefixes

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Message Service Pricing

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